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Governor Aguer calls for police screening

Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer (file photo):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer has called for screening of police forces saying most of them were not performing their duties as expected.

Governor Aguer said most of the police in the state were not maintaining laws and orders which made it easy for people to continue living in what he called the “state of lawlessness.”

He made the statement on Thursday during the opening session of security dialogue that brought together all the organized forces working in Bor.

The dialogue was organized by South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA) under the theme ”Security is everyone’s business” to brainstorm on the issues of small arms existence in the hands of the civil populations.

”I believe the problem of security in the whole South Sudan and Jonglei State in particular is the lack of law enforcement agencies. This is the major problem facing us. The police that we have are just by names,” Governor Aguer lamented.

The governor stressed that South Sudan’s police has become an ”accommodation zone” as they were not rendering any services to the citizens.

According to Aguer, most of the police officers were just pretending and they get money for nothing at the end of the month and they are not willing to implement security issues.

”Police no longer keep suspects to be investigated. For example if someone is apprehended, you will not get the person in custody if you come back the next day. Then what are we doing?” Aguer asked.

He reiterated that most of the police forces in the state comprised of women and old men who he said were not active enough to protect the community.

”If the problem of police is not corrected then we shall continue to face insecurity in the country. The only way to restore security among communities is to disarm everyone and we need strong police men to do that,” he said.

The governor urged the entire security organs to understand their roles in the state.

He revealed that Greater Jonglei governors recommend for strong police forces to carry out disarmament of civil population since guns were in the hands of everyone in the area.








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