Governor Adil vows to address national prisons challenges

By Martha David

The Governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Anthony has vowed to address challenges faced by the National Prison Service in the country.

Addressing officers during his visit to the National Prisons Service yesterday, Governor Adil said the prisons service is one of the security organs which works to improve the security situation in the country.

“Despite lots of challenges that are facing you, we are going to sit and discuss all the issues affecting you, and to develop a work plan to address all the issues one after the other to improve your work environment,” Adil said.

He stated that the country was facing an economic crisis, which has emerged from war.

The Director General National Prisons Service Maj. Gen. Isaac Mabil Chol said the prison was facing numerous challenges which include poor infrastructures that almost collapsed.

Maj. Gen. Isaac said that the Government lack funds to provide better services to the prison arguing that officers sometimes do not come for work due to delay of salaries.

He added that the state Governmnet should ensure that issues facing the prison need serious consideration from the Government of the state to address it.

 “With the implementation of the peace agreement and the unification of forces the prisons need to learn to recruit new staff   to fill any vacancies. There is need for training of all staff   which will increase the institutional performance and professionalism,” Maj.Gen. Isaac stressed.

He also said plans were underway to build a new prison in Juba so as to avoid congestion in the central prison.

He said the plan requires State Government to contribute together with the community in order to make it a success.

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