Governor Adil forms committee to address land issues

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony Wani has formed a State Committee to address the issues of land grabbing in Mangateen and Eden Residential Areas.

In a document extended to Juba Monitor cited as “gubernatorial Order No.07/2020” Mr. Adil appointed the Director of Physical Infrastructure for Central Equatoria as the Chairperson, Commissioner of Police for Central Equatoria State as member, Director of National Security Service/ ISB for Central Equatoria State as Secretary, Head of Legal Administration and Public Prosecution as member, and Representative from South Sudan People’s Defense Forces as member.

The order stated that the, committee is mandated to make fact-finding, inquiry and report on the land dispute over Mangateen and Eden residential areas and to submit its findings within a period of two weeks to the office of the Governor.

The Press Secretary in the Office of the Governor, Dirick Derickson said that the governor formed the committee as a matter of urgency to avoid situation that could potentially turn into violent conflict.

“Well, according to what His Excellency, the Governor of Central Equatoria State said the issue of these two residential areas has been treated in a manner that this issue needs to be dealt with immediately and can no longer wait for any other time than now,” he said.

He added that the problem of other areas will also be dealt with accordingly as soon as the issue of those two places was done.

“We have to admit that the land grabbing problems cut across many parts of this country but we cannot solve all of these at once. It has to be done step by step. The issue of other areas like Gumbo and many other places will be dealt with holistically and appropriately at the right time,” Derickson said.

Mr. Derickson stated that the Governor would make announcements to specify the names of those who will lead the committee.

Disputes over land have been prevalence in the country, with some of these cases turning into conflict among the inhabitants of the area. In June this year, disagreement over piece of land in Shirkat residential area led to the death of more than 7 civilians and a soldier.

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