Government vows not to interfere with SSFA Elections

By John Agok

The government pledged not to interfere in the elections of the South Sudan Football Association affairs.

The National Minister of Youth and Sports told media on18th July duringArenas Sport Magazine which conducted SSFA Presidential debate prior to elections that,the government has no intentions to influence the election or impose the winner.

FIFA representative arrived in the Country recently to observe the SSFA elections and ensure that it was carried in peaceful atmosphere and fair manner where the outcome of the elections should meet the international standard.

Dr. Albino BolDhieu who is currently in Japan for Tokyo Olympic Games said that, thepositionof the Ministry of Youth and Sport is always not supportive to any side.

“The Republic of South Sudan, and particularly the Ministry of Youth and Sport is often neutral in the electoral process,” he said.

The SSFA elections were scheduled for today Thursday and to declare the Winner.

Five candidates are contesting for the Presidency of the Football Association.

Minister Dr. Albino Bol said his ministry has no particular preference over the choice of candidates.

He pledged to support whoever would be elected President of the SSFA.

“Those who have been admitted as candidates and those who have met the requirement are all South Sudanese. And anyone who will win among them will be automatically recognized by the Republic of South Sudan,” he stated.

The candidates contesting for the position of President of the Football Association areLualMaluk, Peter Achuil, AugustinoMaduot, Shafiq Gordon, and incumbent Francis Amin.

There were also five candidates for the position of Vice President, and 14 for the membership of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Bolalso revealed that the government would ensure the integrity of the elections was preserved through the provision of electoral security.

“Credibility is very important because for us to say the election is free and fair, we need to be there as the government to provide protection as observers,” he concluded.

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