Government urged to include woman in security sector

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior has urges Revitalized Transitional   Government of National Unity to include more woman in full participation security sector in the country.

Speaking during a plenary workshop on the finalization of Strategic Security Assessment (SSA), Rebecca Nyandeng said that when women are included in the security sector in South Sudan, all the thing will improve.

“During our long struggle for independence, more women continue to struggle in order to provide a lot of support towards building sustainable peace and security in South Sudan. The commitment of Africa Union to the principle of inclusion in security as express in the United Nations convention on elimination of discrimination against people elderly age and section with disability must guarantee through equality for everyone right,” Nyandeng said.

She added that South Sudan continue to see declined commitment to equal participation of everyone in peace and security despite peace. All our citizens have a power to transform security in these country but we are not honest about implementing everyone tears. Those who are affected for what we are doing today and what we are supposed to do are youths; women and people with disabilities are the one were affected. Since 2005 and after our independent our people in the diaspora continue to say inclusive from so many security reform, peace and political,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Minister of Interior, Paul Mayom Akech   said the subject of the Strategic Security Assessment is likely to very quickly confuse.

“You have country on which several wars have been happened. The following conflict will only produce fighting people who don’t have discipline in their respective field that has been taken to, currently we have National Salvation Front (NAS) under Thomas Cirilo, South Sudan United Army Front (SSUAF) under Paul Malong who have not joint Revitalizes Peace Agreement but now we can say they have problem and we have to underline that they have problem,” he said.

Participation of women in security services is crucial in creating structures that are representative, trusted and legitimate, and are able to meet the security needs of both men and women. Transitional justice’ and justice reform processes have made advances in responding to gender issues.

Yesterday, the two day plenary workshop on the finalization of Strategic Security Assessment (SSA) convened by the Strategic Defense and security Review Board (SDSR-B).

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