Government urged to develop comedy industry

Comedians are urging the government to invest in the comedy industry to catalyze peace building process in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Wokili, a South Sudanese best comedian of the year in the MTN/Eye Radio Music Awards said the government should develop comedy theaters across the country so that “heart broken, stressed locals” can get relieved by laughing to the stories of Comedians.

“We need more comedy theatres across the country where people from all walks of life come to listen, laugh and learn from the comedies,” said Wokili. “We comedians are the voices of the voiceless and the eyes of the blind, we see and listen to what happens in the community, twist them in comedy characters so that people can laugh and learn from them.”

The comedian who is in his early twenties further explained that for South Sudanese to forget about whatever has happened in their lives and move forward, “they have to be addressed in a way that will not remind them of whatever transpired in their lives.

Comedian Wokili said they (comedians) are blessed with talents to contribute to peace building by using comic acts.

During Comedy for Peace Festival that took place in Juba in April this year, comedians such as Captain Eddy the first South Sudanese stand-up comedian also confessed of the power of comedy to nation building.

“Peace building is through many ways and for the sake of our country, comedy, music, dance and drama are the best ways to restore peace as different people from different cultures are attracted to the entertainment, in the process they get messages of peace that they are able to pass to their fellow country mates,” said Captain Eddy.

Another famous comedian Lotole also agreed that more investment should be geared towards comedy because it does not discriminate people, but brings everyone to a common understanding of life.

“Comedy simplifies life, it makes people understand life in a general angle,” he said.

He said the government should give a new venue for comedy because the current place where comedy is done is not convenient.

Lumori Isaac founding member of Kilu-kiluana Comedy Company also added that several attempts have been made to various government offices to support the comedy industry but were turned down due to lack of money.

Comedy Lovers like Atong Bella also called upon the concerned government bodies to develop the comedy industry.

“The government should provide a conducive environment for comedians and the lovers, it is a source of revenue to the government,” she said. “It also reduces the level of idleness and disorderliness in the country for example; Nigerian comedians are among the richest in Africa.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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