Government to review Juba-Rumbek road design

By Kidega Livingstone

The Minister of Roads and Bridges, Simon Majok Mijak said they would review the design of Juba-Rumbek road.

This comes after heavy rains and floods washed away the tarmac on parts of the newly constructed road last month.

The damage happened on two locations including one overflowing section located at a kilometer away from the military headquarters, Bilpam.

Speaking after briefing President Salva Kiir on Monday, Minister Mijak said the review of the design was meant to avoid poor state of road.

“we will not go for the cheap road standard, we want the best because as the Ministry of Roads and Bridges, we are building not just road, we are paying back the blood compensation of our martyrs and we must have the best standard of road for the struggled of our veterans,” Mijak Majok  said on Monday.

“We are reviewing the design and if recommended that there are certain items that must be reflected then we can go as the company agreed on that because it is the government paying the money,” he added.

 “We have started to review the routine of road design not for the construction but if there is need for adjustment it can be done. It must be a flight bridge so that it can be maintain and the cost will be reflected,” he said.

He said there must be some factors to be considered during the process of redesigning the road.

“It can be less than designed and it can be more depending on the number of the bridges.”

The South Sudan government agreed to provide 30,000 barrels of crude oil per day to Chinese companies to construct roads.

The Chinese company -Shandong Hi-Speed Company-is embarking of the construction of that road is expected to end in Wau, Western Bahr El Ghazal State.

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