DOLLARBy Oyet Alfonse
The persistent skyrocketing market prices and rising food insecurity in the country has forced government to reiterate its call for investigation of the companies and the individual traders who benefitted from the auctioned dollars.
In its extra-ordinary meeting chaired by the President, the Council of Ministers has agreed that companies and individual traders who received dollars with the aim of importing food items must be investigated; Michael Makuei Lueth, government Spokesperson told journalists on Tuesday evening.
“The Cabinet listened to the report on dollar auction and supply of essential food commodities to South Sudan. The government has directed all the institutions concerned to find out exactly what has happened with those companies that were paid with understanding that they will import food as these food items have not been coming forth,” the Minister said.
He stressed that the Central Bank has been auctioning dollars to some of the traders and companies and the business people who received hard currency from the Central Bank with the intention of importing essential commodities; but since then there has been no improvement in the market.
“It is worth mentioning that whatever food items that are brought in are recorded at the border; so whatever was not recorded will definitely means it is not imported. The institutions that are concerned are being directed to find out exactly what happened with these people,” the Minister emphasized.
Market prices of commodities continue to be challenging to both the government and the traders as companies continue to disappear due to the deteriorating market prices.
Earlier, a member of parliament at the national level, Hon. Goc Makuac Yol challenged the institutions concerned with the country’s monetary management for failure to set up prerequisite for managing the economic downturn.
“Measures were announced and the prerequisite were not put on the ground; there were no good produce in the country, there were no enough dollars in the country and even the mechanism to supervise the resources given to individuals was not well addressed. The things look as if we South Sudanese do things like we are not citizens of this country,” he said.

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