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Government threatens to re-issue Vivacell Frequency


Government threatens to re-issue Vivacell Frequency

Vivacell billboard along Airport Road (photo by Jale Richard):

By Morris Dogga

The national Minister of Information, Information Technology and Postal Services, Michael Makuei Lueth, has threatened to re-issue the frequency of Vivacell mobile company that was shut down two weeks ago.

The government ordered the shutdown of Vivacell due to what it called violation of the National Communication Authority Act of 2012 and tax fraud.

Government Spokesperson Michael Makuei said the government is demanding vivacell to pay a sum of about USD 66 million in taxes.

Before the Easter Holidays, the company’s management met with the government over the matter, but the meeting ended up in a deadlock, with no agreement reached.

Makuei told journalists on Friday that the government would reissue the company’s frequency if they don’t comply.

“We had a talk with them for two days and they raised the issue of the Easter saying they want to spend the Easter with their families and they have not come back,” Makuei said.

“We told them that you go and if you don’t come back we are re-issuing the frequency, and up to now they have not come, in case they don’t come we shall decide otherwise at any time,” he added.

The shutdown of the company left about 1. 4 million subscribers locked out of communication with their loved ones.

Vivacell is owned by Lebanon’s Fattouch Investment Group and it is one of the largest mobile companies in the country.

Authorities in Torit issue health Cards to Hotel workers


By Thomas Lodovico Oryem


Authorities in Torit state have announced the issuance of Health Cards to all persons working in hotels and restaurants.


Speaking to Juba Monitor, Ben Kalisto, Public Health Officer of Torit Municipal Council said on Thursday that they want to keep the hygiene of all the hotels and restaurants in Torit.

“Anybody who works in hotel or restaurant have to obtain a health Card to ensure that they are healthy enough to serve the public so as to avoid the spread of diseases in Torit town,” Mr. Kalisto said.


He said they want to ensure that everybody working in the hotels or places where people are served with food was medically fit.


“We are issuing this health cards twice in a year because in the course of the first months someone may have been already infected with diseases or bacteria,” Mr. Kalisto said.

According to Mr. Kalisto, the workers will have to go with their cards to the hospital for medical check up to find out their health status, adding everybody selling edible items was also required to obtain the medical card  despite the size of the businesses they are running.


He urged hotels, restaurants owners and other food sellers to cooperate with the concerned authorities in order to reduce the spread of diseases that are constructed through eating of contaminated food or drinks.


However, residents in Torit said similar directive was issued last year but it seems not holding.

They said some hotels and restaurants were closed but later were reopened without obtaining the health cards despite their dirtiness and the workers as well.




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