A foot for thought

Government should take Tambura issue seriously

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the press release issued by Church leaders and the information Juba Monitor got from Tambura, there are still clashes within the areaswhich need to be resolved immediately.  Last month, Church leaders from Yambio and other places raised concern on the same issue but still there is not much done by the authorities.

Killing innocent citizens and displacement of others are destroying peace deal in the country. What is difficult to bring this situation calm? Why are people still fighting and the voices of church leaders are not being heard. It is unfortunately to have such situation still continuing in the state and innocent people are dying.

  I know there were a lot of efforts put by government to bring the situation into normalcy from the first fighting that occurred last month. The motive of people is to hear a message of peace in the areas not displacement and killings. News about killings has become too much in the country.

Government needs to find out the genesis of this fighting, and form committee to conduct investigation in Tambura.

There were talks that politicians in Juba were after this fighting, who are thosethat need investigation. There is no smoke without fire.Atthe end everybody wishes peace in the areas. When the peace deal was signed in 2018, it was expected that all people around the country would live in peace.

What is going on is unexpected by the people of this country. Those who are creating insecurity in Tambura are to be investigated and law applied against them.

 Long fighting is causing damage of properties, loss of lives ofinnocent people and displacement. Whythe fighting has taken a long period and still people are dying needs immediate response.

Its continuity brings negative thinking in the minds of people and it cannot restore peace among people of one area.

However, for every problem there is a solution.  Let government put more efforts to stop killings in the country.

May God bless us all.

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