Government refers underage criminals to juvenile court

By Bida Elly David

The national police department last week agreed on a  consensus with the judiciary that all criminal matters done by boys below age 18were entitled to be addressed in the juvenilecourt.

The national police spokesperson Maj Gen Daniel Justine in a phone interview with Juba monitor yesterday said, after series of strategies laid by the police department that also involved the judiciary last Thursday, they had come with a final decision that criminal cases carried by young boys below the age of 15 were subjected to be handled by the juvenile court as requested by the police department.

This came after reports have been piled and critically analysed with results that, majority of the boys involved in most group to group attacks as well as daylight robbery were below 18 years.

‘’Upon the recommendation passed last Thursday during the meeting, the police department has referred juvenile crimes to be tried by the juvenile court. The juvenile court was formed last year upon the request by the national police service to handle criminal cases committed by underage boys’’ He said.

He further pointed out that most of the criminal practices such as group to group attacks were engineered by matured boys using underage teenagers who sometimes were ignorant of such acts.

‘’Matured boys are fond of using teenagers on group to group attacks in order to set them free from their actions. The juvenile court will handle criminal matters concerning juveniles in which if one is found guilty, they will be taken to reformatory centres for transformation’’ He pointed.

However, he also added that they had started arresting the gang boys identified as (niggas) who have been participating in group to group attacks using hazardous equipment such as pangas, knives and harmers.

‘’We have started arresting these group of boys involved in group attacks causing injuries to one another’’ Justine lamented

Furthermore, Daniel said, areas such as Gudele, Sheriket, Joppa, Shari Bateri, and Lokwilili were identified as key areas where such criminal activities are practiced.

‘’Gudele, Sherikat, Joppa, Shari bateri and Lokwilili are key areas of focus that police has targeted upon such crimes. The Criminal Investigative Department (CID) is working hard to ensure that such crimes are completely stopped for good’’ He reiterated.

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