Government is duty-bound to protect its citizens

Odongo Odoyo

By Gilo Jr. Okwata (guest)

I woke up yesterday in a state of good health for the first time in a number of days as some of you might not know; I have been grounded indoors for the last four days or so in the house suffering from little flu- just small flu. Fortunately, I was in good moot to join my colleagues at work where we normally shout and tease each other for fun of it- but as I tuned on to radio as my usual timetable dictates me to do so, there came the dreaded news again; the National Public Health Laboratory has confirmed ten more cases of coronavirus just in the last 24 hours added to thousands scaring statistics in our data. I believe many people if not all of us have realised now that this virus is real and is going to be here longer than we would have imagined. Honestly, I am not a pessimist, I know our able scientists- not from South Sudan (do we have them anyway), are working round the clock to find something more than weapons to take out this monster amongst us in the nearest future. I deeply hope so. But before that happens, we all need to be cautious and careful enough to adhere to the Ministry of Health and WHO guidelines as the only option we have currently at our disposal to combat this menace. But in other quarters, our brothers in the entertainment industry are calling on the government to give permission to allow them to perform their Night Shows as a way to earn living despite the Health Ministry’s announcement of increase of coronavirus cases. I really feel sorry for you guys for what your businesses and families who are depending on your services had to go through. This is beyond anyone’s making and the government has the ‘duty of care’ to protect its citizens amid such pandemics. I know you would be asking everyone to fill your shoes or to imagine that they were in that situation you are in right now but we desperately need to be protected too and that is why it may be inconceivable for government to risk it citizens attending mass gatherings like Night Shows for fear of contracting the virus. In fact, I am the urging the government to consider re-imposing some of the restrictions to contain the second outbreak if necessary whenever and wherever. My advice to the entertainment industry is to evolve with the changing dynamic because nature cares for no one. Let’s accept and adapt to the reality of the day and go digital (virtual) if you can do it because that’s what the world has been reduced to for the last 12 months or ask for government bail out if there’s anything like that. You may or may not agree with me here, however, we cannot trade our health and lives for an entertainment. An entertainment is done by lively and healthy person. Let’s bear with the situation and kindly understand the grave danger of covid-19 if not for ourselves but hopefully for those who are dear to our hearts; friends and loved ones. We are all in this together whether government, private or individuals.   

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