Government investigation should bring solutions

Reports from rightful sources, at least 32 people, including children, have been killed during armed raids in South Sudan’s eastern Jonglei state, this is according to the United Nations.

Among the dead were three children who drowned in a river while trying to escape, the UN Mission in South Sudan said in a statement on Tuesday.

The whole country is mourning this great lost. Recently, it was publicly announced that there is an investigation going on which was initiated by the government to dig out about the bandits that carried attacks that claimed lives of people and caused destruction.  This is not the first time that armed youths come out from unknown locations and killed innocent people including the destruction of properties and burning of houses into ashes. The attackers are merciless and surely lack patriotism and love for humanity. Their motives are not clear, or constructive, if they have burning issues, they have a right to express by dialogue but not through fighting that always robs innocent lives.

It is good that the government has taken a lead carrying out investigations. It will let truth be known about what is always fueling man-made disasters. There must be backups by hiding people who are having hands in such conflicts by politically mobilizing, arming and financially funding the youths to go and fight for their interests.

The team that will investigate should understand well the causes of conflict which could be about land, cattle or because of politically motivated reasons which benefit warmongers. They should know the level of destruction caused and find ways of supporting the survivors and families whose relatives have been killed.

Such attacks are not the first or the last in those communities, they have been happening day and night and claiming many lives. It may continue causing more insecurity, death and fear if the authorities don’t intervene with proper mechanisms to dig deeply into the roots, know the negative impacts and solutions to end conflicts finishing communities.

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