Government and opposition groups must end war

The government forces and the opposition groups of the (SPLA-IO) are still fighting and attacking each other’s position which is a real violation of the peace agreement signed in 2015. This is not only today and yesterday, the government and the opposition groups are fighting each other, however, both parties have been engaged in war since 2013-2017 without an end to this conflict. Despite the fact that there was a declaration of the national dialogue by President Salva Kiir Mayardit a year ago, which came to be effective this year (2017), towards the ceasefire agreement, the two warring parties have been insisting on wars and conflicts throughout the region. They have failed to honor their promises and the agreements signed by them early on.

More attacks have always bene carried out along Juba-Nimule road, Juba-Bor road, Juba-Yei road, Juba-Kajo-Keji road among others. And often, the government of South Sudan accused the armed groups for carrying out attacks and all other ambushes along these routes leading to the main cities in the country, and the opposition groups sometimes says the same thing. No one is clear on the attacks and ambushes taking place in the country, since there is no one taking the responsibility of these atrocities, abuses, and violations committed by these elements. The so-called unknown gunmen in this nation are a common excuse to escape telling the truth about all these mess in the country. In fact, who are these unknown gunmen, if the government is failing identity them?

For example, there was a report about fighting that took place in Pagak town a week ago, between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-in Opposition (SPLA-IO). According to the report, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) is said to have captured the main rebel stronghold of Pagak near the Ethiopian border, forcing thousands of people to flee, the rebels said on Monday. According to the Reuter’s news agency, rebel spokesman Lam Paul Gabriel said the rebel forces pulled out of Pagak after coming under attack in the early hours of Sunday. This was according to the news which appeared in Juba Monitor newspaper on 9th August, 2017 and other newspapers in the capital Juba. Well, whether the SPLA-IO in government has captured the rebel stronghold of Pagak town or not, this is not the main idea of this debate as the matter of concern, instead, the two warring parties in the conflicts are violating the peace agreement signed in 2015, they have failed to respect and follow the constitution rules and rights which could protect the citizens interest towards justice and freedom of movement for all the citizens.

It has come into my attention that, the government and the SPLA-IO have often been in disagreement without respecting the peace agreement signed in 2015 to bring an end to the war. They were eagerly proud of waging war out of nothing. They have been seeing innocent people dying, day and night, yet they don’t care about the innocent lives. Many South Sudanese have died since 2013-2017, and so, there is a need to end the conflict by the two warring parties. These warring parties should not continue fighting while people are losing their lives daily, and this could not be expected by law and the citizens of this country since they have suffered for too long.

Enough is enough and therefore, all the South Sudanese have to rally behind peace to prevail in this nation, rather than aiming at war of massive destruction. Besides, the efforts within seems to have not gained anything concerning the peace agreement and therefore the international community have to assist South Sudan to achieve everlasting peace by pressuring the two warring parties in the conflict to stop fighting immediately, because the leaders of this nation seems to be unwilling to bring peace themselves.

The writer is a political analyst reachable via: modijamesladu@yahoo.com 

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