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Gov’t directs all schools to admit pupils with recommendation

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The Department of Education in Bor County direct all public and private schools to admit pupil with a recommendation from the headteacher of the former school where pupils have been studying in the past years in case of school transfer.

Gabriel Panchol Anyang, the Director of Education in Bor County said that any pupil that transfers to another school must provide a report card of the exited class and recommendation and must still be willing to take and pass the qualifying test which shall be administered by the school administration to prove the exit and transition.

“All students are expected to comply with the dress code while undergoing registration classes and those who will not meet the dress code will not be allowed to register and attend classes and no female student/pupil should be allowed to register and enter class wearing a short skirt and dresses, the skirt should not be skintight or shorter than three inches from the top of the knee. Boys should wear their shorts or trousers at waist level and fasten securely with button or zip and too loose clothing is not permitted”. Stated in the letter seen by Juba Monitor

He added that this letter will serve as a warning and consequences for dress code failure in the schools will be strictly enforced by school administration and the dress code enforcement agent that is cracking down on criminals and dress code non-compliance in Bor town. The County Education Department together with Payam education supervisors will monitor the adherence of the schools to these guidelines and require them to demonstrate compliance. Schools that will fail to adhere to these guidelines may be subjected to penalties.

Last week, the Education Department at Bor County in Jonglei State has reported that some private schools in capital Bor are not complying with the academic calendar for 2022-2023.

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