Gospel Artist produces Holy Wine music

Jungle Preacher who worships at the Watt Church in Nyakuron has has dropped another new gospel song titled “Holy Wine.”

In an interview, Jungle Preacher said the Holy Wine song that talks about the life of Jesus Christ, how he was betrayed by Jude Iscariot who betrayed Jesus for Christians to learn from.

“The life of Jesus Christ teaches us a lot of things right from his childhood up to the time he had with his disciples during the last supper before he was arrested,” he said. “He also taught us to love one another,” he added.

Jungle Preacher said if the South Sudanese had listened to the wise words of the founder of the nation-Dr. John Garang then the country could not have descended into chaos.

“Dr. John Garang fought for liberation and brought peace, but our failure to listen to his words has brought all the mess that is going on in the country,” he said.

He said his “Holy Wine” song  preaches about how people can learn from it in order to make this world a better place.

It is a dance hall song that the singer hopes will get the youth to understand the message in it.

Jungle Preacher is known for songs like “Galu-galu”and he is identified as the modern type of South Sudanese gospel artist according to most of his fans who spoke to the Juba Monitor.

“Holy Wine”is a dance tune song that gets most youth interested in knowing what then song is all about because it is an up-to-date tune and the vibes that the young people like Kevin Alito said.

Mayor Patrick, who prays in Watt said he loves “Holy Wine” song because of its touching message.

“This song flashes us back to the things we would have done to avoid certain things happening,” he said.

Patrick said South Sudanese should love one another so that everlasting peace could return to the country.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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