Good trees produces good fruits

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This topic of today I took from the bible, Gospel according to Luke chapter six verses 43-45. I thought it is good sometimes to share what is written in the bible. It has good information to guide us in life and on how we can adjust ourselves in all that we are doing during the time we are still alive. Most of the things happening in our lives were already written in the bible long times ago, with the chosen few people of God had  to write about them.

According to  yesterday preaching the simple understanding of the topic is to do well, whether it is trees or human beings. It was described upon trees that produces good fruits, that means the trees were planted in good soil and the owners were taking care of them from time to time. If there is anything affecting them, the owners would treat and protect.

This could be applying to human beings, especially Christians in different denominations, how are their lives outside the church? Are they doing well or their behaviors are contrary to what is required of them by their families. Several of them could preach well or participate good in the activities of the church, but at home their lives reflect different. The question is how we could implement bible within our lives.

How would our lives match with the word of God. The summery of this topic tell us to do well to ourselves and respect others. Fear God in anything you are doing. In stipulation if you want to do bad thing to anybody put in minds what the bible tell us. How we do good to others which could please God.  Believe all of us are doing well; there would be fewer crimes in the country as well as in the world. Bad things always happened because of lack of fearing God and keeping His Commandments.

However, a country that her people fear God does not have a lot of problems. Their citizens do well and the numbers of criminal activities fewer. Which categories are you in, are you behaving well in any place? Are you known of doing good things to people or in  which one do you belong to?  

Yet, all of us are to do well so that at the end of the day we should have good names and produce good children that should be recognized when we leave good legacy in this world. Good families always produced quality children that raises the name of the families. That is the good fruits of the trees in the bible for us.

May God bless us all.

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