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Good quality of leaders

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There are many types of leadership styles in the world, it depends on which one you want to practice. Sometimes leadership goes with the situation in the country. But the most important is to practice good types of leadership that cannot cause problems in the country.

The quality of good leaders helps in many things, it allows people to love the government and work together. Good leadership makes the country to develop and people manage themselves because they are part of the leadership in the country. For people who are managers, editors are to have good skills in leadership. It would help them to coordinate work with staff working under them.

Leaders should be people who have visions of managing institutions or companies, would be people who have a good plan ahead of time.

Have the ability to endure any situation facing them, able to solve problems of institutions and staff, able to take decisions in the challenges of institutions or a company.  Leaders are people who carry the cross of others on daily basis.

Above all, they need to leave a legacy in the country or an institution they were managing. If they are good leaders, they would leave a good legacy to the people they were managing. Bad leaders carry bad names and leave a bad legacy behind. What people want from them is to leave their legacy in the world.

Sometimes it is not easy to manage human beings who have different cultures and norms. They do things according to the way they believe, such kinds of people are easy to be managed by people from their own communities. It will work very well with people in rural areas, for those in urban areas; who are to follow the laws of the country. If you commit crimes, you are charged according to the law not the way of culture.

However, it is very important to practice good leadership that makes progress for people in the areas and country at large. It is the responsibility of every leader to do it for the people working under them.

May God bless us all.

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