A foot for thought

Good plan and time management

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

In anything you want to do, first, have good plans and time management for you to succeed. This will not happen if you are not determined about what you want to do. Yesterday it was published in the newspaper that the graduation for the unification of forces is expected to be announced yesterday, that was the plan laid out by the responsible people.

Last month, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs said that the gradation is going to take place but it failed because it was not well planned. The graduation of forces has passed the dateline expected by the peace agreement.

However, as it was mentioned above, anything good comes from people who are committed and have good time management. At the country level, the government should prioritize the needs of the country, especially for the peace agreements and implementation of any step.

Good plan and time management promote development in the country and it helps authorities to know what is needed very urgently for people in the country. I know South Sudan has a good plan for the country but the issue is implementation. What is preventing it is best known to the authorities and they need to review the plan laid down from time to time.

Good plan and time management help people as individuals also, it would take you to grow within a specific period of time due to your determination and efforts you make. No good things happen without a good plan in your life. Some people say you cannot plan when there is an economic crisis in the country. The reasons given were that the prices of items change from time to time. That is good but still, you need to plan in this economic situation by going to the market with extra money.

It means you can add some money to what you have, some men are cooperative with their wives, they do it and others are not. Good plan and time management make you be organized in your work and have principles in doing things.

May God bless us all.

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