Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

There were two major cases in the education sector yesterday, one was the pumping in of more than ten (10) million SSP for the maintenance of the five public universities at least for two months.

The other one was the announcement that admission to public universities was on. These two are of importance to the well-being of the youth of this country in pursuing education to the highest level.

A lot had been rotating and leveled on the institutions administration viz-avi and it took the Chancellor to bring to a stop what would have denied students their right to classroom.

President Salva Kiir who is the chancellor of the five public universities revised the increment of tuition fees which almost negated a stand-off in the learning institutions.

UIt is not who to blame, but it is important that in all situation a dialogue is the way out of each and every issue. Positive or negative, there cannot be a stand-off forever; some are with negative consequences which are only hindrance to sector developments. This must be said to have come handy and all are looking forward to boosting and generating revenue.

I talk of universities generating own revenue to supplement what the government is providing. Some success stories have been said about institutions which have embarked on agricultural production, dairy farming, horticultural business and even real estate business.

These are some of the activities that can be able to turn around such institutions. Those charged with responsibilities should be innovative and should search and research their souls in doing public service delivery.

Our students should equally adopt the culture of being patient and always seek dialogue instead of being combatant and aggressive to any situation. It is for the benefit of all to understand where the country has been and how much it has taken to have the coming peace. Instead of being combatant, they should go out there and preach peace when they have time and let its importance be understood.

There has never been any success without trying to do something which is of interest to one’s heart. This time around there must be peace in every part and every institution universities included. The cash given may not be enough to meet all the requirements, but it is better than nothing when plans were mooted and being put to important use for the benefit of the people.

Without education there cannot be any reflecting mirror in the society. Without education there will be no development. Without education there cannot be people to articulate the country’s agenda. Those privileged now to be in schools and or institution of higher learning should think again and again that they are the future of this country. They should know that what they do now will reflect the image of the country tomorrow. They should be ambassadors of peace whenever they are and whenever they go. Only then can they claim to be heroes and heroines of the future socio -economic development of the country.

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