Good luck to pupils who are currently sitting for the Primary Leaving Certificates examination countrywide. More than 55,000 of the expected 70,000 are in the examination halls or rooms taking up the exam which is aimed at poising their destiny to their expectations. They are from over 3000 schools which had registered for the examination. It is good luck because there must be well nurtured and educated manpower to spearhead the country’s future development activities. The foundation of a nation always relies on the youth whose future should always be given positive priorities. The education sector is one key area that needs that attention and that the government should never neglect or shy away from if there must be a good future for the youth. While there are those who might look down upon primary education, there is no one who has and will go beyond to Masters or PhDs without going through this stage. This is where education maturity and life begins. It is the duty of the nation to ensure such were taken in a free and fair atmosphere without interference to the pupils. It has been long since schools and pupils enjoyed peace and so much that they have had a distraction and distorted continuity in pursuing their education that when such a golden chance like this is available they should be supported and applauded for their commitments to come out in large number at this time to register for the exams which will take them to the next level in their education lives. For key players in the education sector, it is time you come out to assist in building a formidable and stand-forth institutions for the well-being of the present and future generation. Time for lip service and donor money in the name of building capacity in the education sector is long gone.

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