Good improvement in Immigration

It has been a year that the whole country has been facing difficulties in processing National Identity cards and passports for the people because the immigration systems broke down. The good news is that the production is back in use. The Director General of Directorate of Civil registry, nationality, passports, and immigration Gen. Atem Marol Biar confirmed on  6th January 2022 in a press conference which brought that a serious  production of the legal documents was done and still ongoing which brought massive turn-ups of those who have been waiting since they completed their procedures some months ago.

It was a serious issue for the whole country to be out of cards and the lack of such documents complicated traveling abroad for studies. Some students  missed scholarships because they didn’t have passports at that time. Patients who wanted to travel outside for further medical attention were also affected by the delay of the travel documents. Other people who got employment opportunities could not apply because they have no nationality, maybe they were having but got lost or spoiled, and renewing it was a long process.

With the big number that turned out for collection of the IDs and passports, it can be understood that there was a serious frustration while waiting for the production to resume. There were rumors that the few cards available were used only for VIPs who paid bribes, but the common citizens had to suffer going to the office everyday just to get disappointed more.

Now is a good news that thousands of Nationality cards and passports were issued out and the owners have to eagerly go and collect them. It should not be allowed to happen again by making sure there are enough machines, cards and work force to work throughout without cracking down. A rich country should not be lacking such systems, they should be the first priorities. This sector is very important in legalizing movement, settlement and seeking opportunities for both citizens and foreigners in and outside of the country.

If traveling outside to another country, it is passport which is used for entering and to regain entry into your country of citizenship. A national identification card is very important as it is used by the governments as a means of tracking the citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for the purposes of work, taxation, government benefits, health care, and other government-related programs. With these certifications, it is not reasonable for a country to run out of cards or machine for production of legal documents. It must be given a priority. The charge fees to possess them should be affordable by all citizens.

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