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Good governance requires women participation

By Hassan Arun

A civil society Activist Amola Richard, said good governance could be realized if women are granted the chance to participate in governance system in the country.

Mr.Richard noted that women play a great and important role in bringing sustainable peace if they are included in key governance positions.

He said that sustainable peace will not be realized in the country without women involvement in governance system.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, Mr.Richard who is theSenior program officer for Organization for Responsive Governance said women should be given the opportunity to participate in governance. 

“My message to the public is that the role played by women in bringing efforts of sustainable peace is very important. Without women involvement and participation in government, we will not be able to see sustainable peace as a country,” Mr. Richard said.

He made the remarks on Thursday in Yei River County,during a one-day women forum on women, peace and security.

The program was organized by South Sudan Council of Churches in collaboration with Organization for Responsive Governance.

Hawa Adams Acting Chairperson of Yei River County Association encouraged women to voice their concerns in order to have good education services for the children and provide all their basic needs.

She calls on her fellow women to fight against issues of rape happening to small girls and women in the community by reporting such cases such that perpetrators are brought to book.

“We should not always say we cannot manage, but rather we should stand up and tell the men that we don’t need fighting any more in the country, so that our children grow in peaceful environment where they can go to school and get all what they need in life,”Ms. Adam said.

AjonyeAnnetKilongaChairlady of Inter-Church Committee [ICC] women working group believes that women can also be in leadership arguing their rights should be respected in whatsoever way.

“Women have been only used in domestic activities during the Any-anya fighting but this time we need to be in leadership and we should be given our rights. we want the President to know the situation women are undergoing. We want our voices to be heard. We have only heard about 35 percent women affirmative action but not respected at all,” she argued.

She warned that women not vote for any leader during elections, if their rights are not given out to them.

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