Good deeds earns Kenyi enthusiastic public acclamations.

By Taban Gabriel

Doing things the right way without any conflict of interest attached, always earn us divine fate. And the case of one dedicated traffic officer, George Kenyi is a distinguishable example. It was one single morning on 8th of June, I was for my routine Facebook and social media check up for updates on subjects that covers every day walk of life, be it political or social issues. And boom my eyes landed on a post by one colleague South Sudanese journalist Joseph Oduha who is base in Germany. Unlike his typical political fanaticism posts, this one was different. It was a photo of one traffic officer standing right at the centre of 7days round about directing traffics. At first sight I marvel as to what excited my colleague about an officer doing what he was trained for. But my quick verdict of the post without reading the content felt on a hard rock and it touched my practice as a journalist. Let it be a story for another day. After reading the caption of the photo, which was accompanied by lots of comments, it was all clear; the story was about one traffic officer George Kenyi who is stationed at Seventh Days round about. From the posts and comments I read on Facebook then later on twitter, I can say without any doubt that Officer Kenyi won the hearts of youths and commuters all over Juba with his devoted nature of work. Unlike the common practice by his colleagues’ officers who patronises extortion of money from drivers as the main reason they are in the white and black salad style of dressing gang with a whistle. Kenyi, is known for his focuses on job. His dedication has helped in the decongestion of the busy Roundabout. A far-fetch practice I bet to most of his colleagues’ traffic officers. Many of the youths who posted and commented on the photo of officer Kenyi suggested creation of a Temporary mobile money transfer account known in Juba as M-Gurush such that they (youths) can show him (Kenyi) their solidarity with some small donations. One notable youth spearheading the initiative is Data an entrepreneur and owner of Renown City FM radio. By the time of this article I have not contacted him to authenticate on the initiative, whether it was launched as planned. Another pledged came from a prominent youth and business woman Achai Wiir, who also promised to award Kenyi a car to facilitate his movement among other contributions from different youths initiatives directed to Kenyi. The pledge by Achai Wiir captured the attention of the public, with majority of the people showering and eulogizing her for being exemplary.  After you have read the whole narrative, here comes the question; what do we have to learned from the story of Officer Kenyi that can be applied in our day after day errands? My explanation to this question will refer us to our bibles for those who are Christians. Mattew 6:1-4 reads; “Truly, I say to you, they have received their rewards. But when you give to the needy, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing so that your giving may be in secret and your father who sees in secret will reward you.” This reading is self-explanatory; it talks about doing things without conflict of interest. In short, bribery and fame. But for officer Kenyi, he was just doing what he was trained to do. And Galatians 6:9 reads; “And let us not grow weary in doing goods for in due season we will reap if we don’t give up.” Here it means we should not throw to the dogs our principles because of a given situation. And for the case of Officer Kenyi, he didn’t expect all these acclamation from the members of the public, for him, he was just doing his job and maintaining his principle and ethics as a trained officer. Hebrew 10:24 reads; “And let us learn how to stir up one another to love and good works.” Here the reading touches on the support the youths and members of the public have shown to Officer Kenyi. These supports will egg on Officer Kenyi’s continuous work with good deeds. And finally Matthew 5:16, reads; “In the same way let your light shine before others so that they may see your good work and give glory to your father who is in heaven.” Here the reading is citing Kenyi as a living example to his colleagues officers who prefer extorting from the public instead of doing what they are trained for. My last recommendation and encouragement goes to the youths for stirring such an audacious initiatives; this is a great challenge to our government to see into it that right people are put in the right place.

The writer is a freelance journalist base in Juba. For any query about the article you can reach him on the email address; Gabronn2014@gmail.com

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