Gok state politicians to work for peace

By Opio Jackson

The Speaker of Gok State Legislative Assembly Ujima Philip Dak has called on Gok state politicians to preach messages of peace among their community instead of violence.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, Dak said the state grassroots peace initiative was going on well, saying some members of parliament have been sent to Biem Chok and others went to the constituencies to address their local people.

She stressed that they want to educate the local people about the importance of peace.

“My message to the community especially those in Juba, is that they should preach about peace instead of talking ill about the leadership in the state,” Dak said.

“The peace is everyone’s responsibility and not only for those who are in leadership and if it’s everybody’s duty, then we must work for peace,” she said.

However, the speaker accused some Gok state politicians who often live in Juba for allegedly spreading rumors about their state, “people should speak the reality about what is taking place on the ground instead of propagating false statement.”

Earlier, Dak defended the arrest of the five members of Gok state legislative assembly by the security agents in mid-September.

She said the honorable members of parliament were caught holding an illegal meeting, arguing that their arrest had no connection with the SPLM caucus previous meeting as stated by some people.

“You do remember that there has been frequent communal fighting in Gok state and these members of parliament are the suspects behind the cause of all these conflicts,” Dak said.

She confirmed that the suspects were still under detention.

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