Gok state governor warns youth on dirty politics

The governor of Gok state has warned youth on dirty politics, communal fight, incitement and unconstructive criticism against the state and national government.
Speaking during the sixth anniversary of Independence celebration in Cueibet, Governor Madhang Majok Meen said anybody who is found inciting the public will be answerable.
“You will carry you own cross during investigations by the security organs,” he said.
He warned some politicians, youth and Chiefs who are still demanding for the relocation of the state headquarters from Cueibet capital.
He said the demand last month resulted to the death of five innocent people in the state, saying it will not be tolerated.
“Where do you think there is no conflict in South Sudan leave a lone Gok state?” the governor asked. “If we accept relocation of government headquarters, the South Sudan’s capital Juba would have been the first to be relocated long time ago due to such claims,” said Meen.

The Governor appreciated the organized forces for marinating security.
Meanwhile, the deputy governor, Kongor Deng Kongor urges Gok community to stop revenge killing and they should learn to be peaceful.
He said the citizens should equally be resilient and hospitable for the prosperity of Gok state.
Paramount Chief Run Arol Kachuol condemned the incident that claimed lives of five people, “No one like to do harm to anyone in Gok state or elsewhere but it’s always a work of devil that is not seen by all of us”.
“I am urging Waat community to move freely to Cueibet and those who might still be hiding to come home because Cueibet does not belong to Ayiel alone though it is their ancestral home,” Arol said.
He appealed to state citizens to cooperate with the governor Meen in order to improve the security in Gok state instead of concentrating on incitement and criticism.

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