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Gok State denies female MP detained in cell with men

By Mabor Riak Magok

The Gok State Press Secretary of the coordination office in Juba, Daniel Deng Mario denied husband statement that his own wife Ayen Meen Ador had been arrested together with four men in an unknown location in Wau State, terming it a false proxy statement.

He said they learnt only yesterday through an article published by the Juba Monitor that it was the husband of a woman MP and the former Minister of Physical Infrastructure who had been interviewed by the paper.

“The content of that interview was not true because the whole statement was a proxy statement that a lady was detained together with four men which is false. The actual fact is that the female, who was a former minister has been arrested and detained but is not put together within the same cell with four men. She is arrested separately and her arrest is related to political issues and a crime they did as a group in the parliament,” Mario said.

He further said there were resolutions made by the committee headed by the Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs, Daniel Awet Akot and within those resolutions, one of it was that if the leader, or an MP is found involved in communal violence then that person will be arrested and detained in prison until further investigations are made.

Mario said that the arrest of the woman MP has been taken in a different perspective by the politicians and added that these politicians have got no good leadership.

“I read and heard the appeal of the husband for the release of his wife and the husband is here in Juba according to the newspaper. What the husband of the former Minister is claiming is totally different from what has happened on the ground,” said Mario.

He added that the MP is in detention with four other MP’s and three youths and further investigations are underway.

“You allowed your woman to be a politician, whatever thing that comes later then that woman must carry her cross, the political arena comes in that way,” Mario said in response to the husband of the former Minister of Physical Infrastructure in Gok State.

In an earlier interview with Juba Monitor on Sunday, the husband of the former Minister of Physical Infrastructure in Gok State and a member of the state assembly, Maker Reec Apac appealed to the national government to implore the Gok State Governor to unconditionally release his wife who has been illegally detained in an unknown location amongst four men in Wau for more than 14-days since 15th of September, 2017.

The husband of the former minister, Apac said his wife had been detained without any knowledge of the crime she has committed.

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