Gok state assembly demands removal of Health Minister

Gok State Legislative Assembly, is demanding for the removal of the state Miniter of Health Dr. Mayek Deng after he was impeached by the August House.

Last week Gok state members of parliament  impeached Dr. Mayek Deng, citing  poor performances and lack of good working relationship between the ministry staff and development partners.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Gok state speaker Ujima Philip Dak said the  parliament has done its part and now it was up to the governor to cooperate with the legislature.

“We cannot keep anybody who is not capable in that ministry while having no good relationship with everybody, including his Director general,” Dak said.

She appealed to the governor to respond positively and comply with the decision taken by the august house to relieve Dr. Mayek Deng with  immediate effect so that any investigation concerning mismanagement committed by him will be carried out.

“We have learned that the governor is investigating some issues connected to Dr. Mayek Deng’s  mess in which some staff working in the ministry of health had reportedly escaped with some money. So this investigation is not enough  because we want the governor to relieve him completely,” Dak said.

She reiterated  that the health minister had denied some essential activities to be carried out by the development  partners such as polio immunization campaign, saying  Gok state was the second best during the polio vaccination  carried out across the country and it has now slipped to number twenty-seven.

In response,  the Minister of Information, Malek Machut Padai confirmed the impeachment of the Minister of Health Dr. Samuel Mayek Deng by Gok state assembly, but the issue is already on the table of the governor.

He said the governor had formed a committee to investigate the minister of health regarding the  allegation of his misappropriation of funds.

“This committee has now submited its finding to the office of the governor,” he said. “The council of ministers will discuss all these matters by next Thursday before the governor decides the fate of the impeached minister of health”.

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