God will never give up on us

God will never give up on us

By Ngor Khot Garang

When two devastating wars ravaged the country between 2013 and 2016, many innocent lives were destroyed before their times, little children were orphaned, hope was smashed, the economy till now is left gnawing in every flesh of every citizen and many families were left without shelter and barely any food to eat or water to drink.

These two horrible episodes apart from the liberation struggle from Sudan that has taken those who died nameless were the most destructive civil wars in our history and nobody would wish to remember them because they constantly remind us of the long suffering and what it has cost. Also, is that the same thing had once or twice happened to some other countries in Africa where people are now enjoying peace. 

The people of South Sudan consoled themselves, wiped their tears and remained strong even when the marks of tears were still written on their faces hoping that the situation will settle and everyone whether poor, rich, disabled, able, women and children will once again experience peace, do whatever they feel like to do business whilst children go to school including the ones on the street and that no one will ever run for the fear of their life.

But sadly, things did not go according to people’s expectations. However, things tightened as life continues to push people back and forth and I wonder if there are times when our leaders spend one or more sleepless nights thinking about the forgotten people of South Sudan. 

Life is really like a curse to those who are still struggling, if you wake up in the morning, you count yourself among the lucky few and getting through the day is another bigger problem especially if you have school fees to pay and stomachs to feed including yours.

It is not really easy and people are always in constant fear of the unknown, the leaders who form three rebel groups today and tomorrow are separated or different entities. We are always afraid of what we cannot understand, entangled and nobody knows if we would ever escape the trap that is waiting for us with sharp pointing teeth.

The little children whose parents were killed in their presence can’t understand or even explain why that happened and why they are on the streets when they should be in school or at home with their parents.

When you visit the hospitals and refugee camps and the kind of life people which they have been subjected to, and you remember their once beautiful homes now ashes and broken walls, your eyes will only flood with tears.

It makes one to ponder a lot to imagine how those people who receive 1,200 South Sudanese pounds go about with life and those in the refugee camps enduring different catastrophes both human and natural: the little food ration, disease that leaves many of them helpless with no medical assistance and the improper treatment by the host communities. 

This is the kind of life that none of us has ever thought of, even for me when I was growing up, I always sing it as a song that,

“I am in a blessed rich land, thank you God for having created me in South Sudan”, but today my song has changed into a song that is a mixture of sorrow and regret “Why do I have to pierce my body with the knife I carry, if I throw it away, who is there to stop me?” 

It is known to everyone  that what we are doing will not take us anywhere but some people still enjoy because their happiness comes when they see blood or when people are in abject poverty.  The same God who stands with us every day will one day set us free from all this mess.

It was never an easy escape, imagine your loved ones drenched in blood. Friends killed in front of you and days filled with agony and hunger but we still managed to reach this far and it is now 2021, almost a decade. This is God’s making and it is a sign that God is not resting for our own wellbeing and this should encourage us to continue fighting for the right cause. Although life is still very hard, we should not forget to love one another because love will be the only remedy to our problems. It will bring us together and it will heal the broken hearts. Let us work for that peaceful South Sudan we want and the journey must start now. There is no other future and we must know that future is now and something must be done now before it is too late.

Thank for reading Finding Hope… Let us hope for a peaceful and better South Sudan.

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