God to have mercy on South Sudan

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday I wrote about forgiveness, asked God to forgive people of South Sudan with what had happened and still continue happening in the country. Today the title of the story is about “Mercy” which is more less the continuation of yesterday’s article. I feel it is the high time to be near God with daily news we are getting in the country on Coronavirus. Almost majority of the top leaders in the country are affected with COVID-19. I am sure if the Ministry of Health continues testing people in all the institutions, departments by departments, many people would be found positive with COVID-19. It was only that they were dealing with the top government officials, and that’s supposes to be followed by the rest of the people in the institutions.

The high level of governments’ officials in their daily activities had been interacting with so many people around them including their families. They were not only having contact with their husbands or wives, even with their children and those they are living together with. It is advisable to test those contacts people so that they know their status.  It is worthy to know yourself than being ignorant. Most of our leaders according to their health report they are doing well. They do not have any symptoms of COVID -19. Other leaders, if any one might have voluntarily tested and the result came out positive, it is better to come out publically like the rest of the colleagues rather than keeping it secret. Others might be spreading disease to people unknowingly or knowingly, so it is good to let your status known. We are following the directives of the Ministry of Health, at the same time asking God’s Mercy upon us, one day this disease will come to an end by God grace.

By the time it was noticed that our neighboring countries have the disease, people in South Sudan started prayers, asking God for protections.  Here now the situation seemed to be getting out of hand, the number of infected people is very high, the numbers are increasing daily and more death cases. That means our prayers were not enough; we need to ask God’s mercy and forgive one other whatever wrong things we have done to ourselves innocently in our country.

Suddenly you are quarantined; reflect on social and political life, your relationships with people, what have you done to them. This is the time for you to do it. And ask God’s mercy on youreslf.

 For our top government officials or leaders, the more they are quarantining themselves, the more it is affecting the progress of peace implementation in the country. I know it is a must for them to be in that situation. And on the other hand, it is affecting our country. Otherwise, it is not an easy situation but everything is in God’s hand. It is better to report to work after fourteen days of quarantined. Like in the case of First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and Madam Angelina Teng, they have passed 14 days, and their status, how are they doing need to be made public too. It is the right and concern of South Sudanese to know health status of their leaders and to continue praying for them.

Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga has just started to quarantine himself about three days ago, I wish them quick recovery and hope in the coming days they would be tested negative. Let them not worry, what had happened in the world is a temptation and every country has to battle it out with Covid-19. It is only you as an individual to have hope and confidence in God; God is merciful to all of us.

May God bless us all.

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