By Agar Mayor Gai

When God created Adam, He made him natural, blameless and with no challenges. Before his fall, Adam never bothered himself to struggle for food, shelter or what to wear.

He never thought of one day waking up to find that his cattle, goats, cows and other precious things are stolen or are nowhere to be seen.

Adam did not have any political, social or religious differences with any human. And finally, no tribalism, nepotism, rebellions and gender based violence existed then. He lived a life worthwhile. A life that had God at the top and him(Adam) being a follower of His ways.

But unfortunately, due to our human weakness there reached a time when Adam turned a blind eye on whatever good that God had done in his life.

He forgot about His creator and accepted the ways of his fellow creature. He fell into the trap laid by this friend of his who planned to effect his desires through the great servant.  Satan had had a clash with his master whom he left in heaven and descended on earth just to come and put to disorderly what God had put in place.

And surely, he succeeded in all that he had planned to do to man. While God was thinking of how He could put to an end the satanic influence of the earth, He found a very strong venom to the Satan bites.  Jesus as the only solution.

He sent him to come to earth, die and resurrect for man’s salvation. Jesus came with the word, that was to be used as our light of recognizing and seeing the old path. This word is now here on earth with us.

Our duty is to read and put into practice whatever God commands us to do. It is through this word that the lord guides His people everywhere. When the Israelites were in captivity in Egypt, it is keeping of the word that paved their way to freedom though the Egyptians had stronger army, stable economy and more than the Israelites by population.

God finds a way even where there is not a single way for His followers, those in whose hearts and minds, He occupies the biggest part.


And alternatively, He rewards those who follow not His ways accordingly. The bible records many occasions which God had done such. One of them is the time when Israelites had become too ignorant of the word.

They worshipped idols, committed; adultery, murder, practiced homosexuality, rape and all sorts of bad things. They became too disobedient to an extend that they killed God’s prophets, looted their property and burnt their houses.

The reward of this was passed to the Israelites through prophet Zachariah. Zechariah prophesized that king Nabuchnezzar of Babylon will invade the holy land and seventy years shall the children of Israel be captives in the Babylon.

And this surely came to pass. They had to suffer forced labor, humiliations and rampant beatings for seventy years just because of disobedience to the ways of God.

And for our case of South Sudan, like Israelites we are suffering the same disease. In economic or political problems, we consider the human leaders to be the solution. This feeling of strength is the root cause of murder, hunger, disunity and tribalism of which a tribe thinks that it is the one that can do a certain thing better and successfully.

Without the guidance of God, these leaders can never bring a permanent peace in our nation. This fact has been realized by our president and his fellows that it is through putting all our burdens in His hands that we are able to realize love, peace, unity and prosperity in South Sudan. We should let Him be the leader of all the ways that we take. We should always put Him first in all that we do.

Though, let us not only call him in times of trouble. It has been realized that in countries with conflicts, there are more believers than in peaceful nations. This is not how it should be rather. We ought to stay firm in our faith and by so doing, the lord of heavens and earth stands by your side in whatever shadow of difficulties.

The writer tells of a major role by all that can turn failures into fortunes. A role that slaps murder, disunity, economic downfall, political problems and tribalism in their respective faces. He by hundred percent believes and hopes for a better South Sudan.

An era for all South Sudanese to love, unite and prosper in all aspects of life.

The writer is reachable via +211925287767

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