God protects us from Coronavirus

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

You should thank God for protecting you up to this moment if you didn’t die with COVID -19.  Many people died with Coronavirus and other diseases from March up to now. On the other hands, it is great if you are a live since the time Coronavirus broke out in the country. Thousands of people around the world died with Coronavirus pandemic. God’s protection is with us, but we need to follow the directive given by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO} on how to prevent COVID – 19.

Addition to that, it is better to know your status than being a carrier of the virus. Several people tested positive of Coronavirus who didn’t have any sign or symptom which is very dangerous. Other people ignored the above mentioned directives, due to lack of belief and other fakes information.  Coronavirus is with us and living with us, we need to work harder to end the virus.  

Many people do not  know the difference between Coronavirus symptoms and the normal flu which  had contributed to negative belief on Coronavirus in the country.  If you have flu, people suspect that could be Coronavirus. Therefore, it is important to know your status so that you take extra ordinary measures about yourself.  Some people in South Sudan are not taking the directive of the Ministry of Health seriously. People are organizing social gathering, in functions and ceremonies while few people wore face masks.  I don’t know whether they get permission from the government to hold such events or not. Even if it is small gathering, still you need to observe, social distances, like washing hands with soap and clean water, use hands sanitizer and other forms for preventions. So that the disease should not spread and end in the country, otherwise the way I am seeing people behaving in the houses and social gathering, it is God who is  protecting and having mercy on us. As  written in the bible in the book of Revelation that there would be a disease in the world which will leave  many people dead, that prophecies is become true.

Now what was written in the bible long time ago, has happened in the world, we need to continue praying to God for forgiveness and protection from COVID-19.  What I know is that we are living with Coronavirus and when it is over, the national taskforce on  Coronavirus would inform the public about the matter. While waiting for the disease to be over, you better take preventive measures

May God bless us all.

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