God protect us during disasters

By Akol Arop Akol

The world is in a critical era of conflict, poverty and epidemic clamming people’s lives and we don’t know why all these are happening to us while our God is watching.

Are our sins the ones making us suffer and is God ready to rescue our lives? In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God.

There was no anything and all were formless or shapeless but God commanded with His Power for all types of creatures to appear. The same God continuously protects the plants, animals and the senior creatures called human beings who are made in His own image. He does the creation duty through humans with Wisdom, talents and all divine creativity He had given to them. They are able to create what doesn’t exist, however all their made things turned to be harmful for their lives, starting with metals that cause accidents and other modern activities and  culture that result into division and fighting themselves and use that they have manufactured  for killing themselves.

In order to rescue mankind, Christianity was introduced and promoted to show the way to Holy Fellowship with God but as it goes advancing, still some people think Bible is forbidding them from doing some things for their lusts.

Satan, the first opponent of God and the enemy of mankind sneaks into their lives through many forms either something wearable, edible or emotionally loveable.

Thus, people are confused in the world up to the extent of getting cursing life and the Maker and when natural calamities just happen, they either lost hope and give up in life or even think negatively that God their Creator have forgotten and subjected them to failure, pain, and death.

That is the nature of this World, the darkness is occupying people’s minds and hearts to the level of forgetting about their missions and visions they should accomplish when they are still alive.

Though we are creating our own problems and facing natural disasters, the maker of life will say No to suffering and death. Our time has not yet come therefore, brothers and sisters let us not fear any sickness or disease, let our lives be in God’s hand.

We pray such that this nation that had gone through hard times of suffering, trauma, violence, and death of thousands people should not get the deadly disease threatening lives in the World, the people have suffered enough that they can’t bear more pain and death.

Let the power of God protect this Nation, and wash it with blood of Jesus. We also stand with the neighboring countries experiencing death from the emerging virus. The same condolence goes to the other parts of the World which are affected by the disease. Our land and countries are far from one another but because we are the same human beings with blood and spirit, we stand in solidarity and praying hard, and we should also give humanitarian support that we can offer for the suffering people.

It is an appeal for the World Health Organization to be vigilant and professional enough to take measures for improving the health in the World.

We human beings trust in God and doctors for our lives as supreme bodies that can spare, repair and take care of our lives. South Sudan as undeveloped country still lacks health facilities, strong medicines and professional doctors to intervene to any outbreak of disease that are threats to the people.

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