God of mankind

By Akol Arop Akol

God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son to die for the sin of mankind, and said whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have an everlasting life free from sorrow and pain.

God loves the world in the beginning and forever that is why he created everything beautiful and wonderful. When creatures pleased Him, He further thought of creating a human by starting with Adam and later formed Eve out of his rib to be a companion.

Life continues, but when the first two humans were deceived to sin, they were punished. The root continues bearing fruits of evils into human life.

God saw the need for salvation and reconciliation. Therefore, He Christ who was rejected betrayed and killed by the same mankind who was in need of redemption. They hated him because of evil heart and perception that the Son of God was coming to overcome them and take authority.

Who controls the world or owns authority over life? Who created and rules the world? It is the same God that we don’t see with our naked eyes, but when we are free from sins and all forms of evils, we would then be able to see Him, the creator.

The same doubt human beings have concerning the existence of God is still the continuation of rejection of the Messiah. It is a nature that humans when rich and healthy praise themselves to be the makers of their own prosperity.

When poor, depressed and sick, they run to him with many questions, ‘that why are we the only ones suffering, and that why is God leaving troubles into their lives?’

You may be one of those who lost hope when in hard times. Do you believe nothing can change if you put in your efforts and prayers?

God doesn’t love troubles, He is using His Divine authority to protect and provide life rudiments for everyone. The world will hate you, fellow humans will be used by devil to destroy you but remember that God is Holy, powerful to protect, Merciful to forgive the wrongs and the mistakes you have committed.

He loves all the creatures and each human being. When in a crowd suffering and crying in pain, when life becomes complicated, remember someone is there watching you. He knows your name, what you do, where you sleep, what you think or feel through day and night.

Indeed, you might have suffered; undergone temptations and rejections, still never give up. Never think those who are happy and enjoying life have secret savior, it is only God who grands everything.

It is said if you want to receive blessing, it is only through Jesus Christ who suffered up on the cross as conciliation for our sins. Truly there is no price to be compared with, to die for another is resilient of pure love.

In the same way, supposed if the same heart is inherited then humans would have love for one another. They will not fight and if there is a need for salvation, one would sacrifice him or herself for others to live.

It is not only by going to the cross to be crucified that shows you have sacrificed yourself. Your heart is enough when you make it a home of peace, love and forgiveness. Love yourself, love others and Love Lord your love, we are one. By being forwarding love, God will continue forgiving, protecting and loving His mankind.


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