God knows His Work

Just because we human beings don’t fully know the beauty of life and the Mighty One (God) who makes us to survive, we do things that are either destructive in our lives or against God. Sometimes what our hearts and what the flesh wants to enjoy are the things that are against God.

It could not be intentional but our aim is to learn and live.There are people in different parts of the world, even if they differ in colour and characteristics, they have one special thing that unites them all. The spirit in humans shows that they are one and are children of one Creator.

However, there would come a situation where people who accordingly see life in a different way, and argue that God is not there, where the rest say, God the Creator is not one. They also say that God is not fair, because when you observe how people are created, there seems to be no equality.

Some are born with disabilities, while some lost parts of their bodies such as; their legs and eyes. This is why we keep wondering with confusion, not knowing why there are injustices and inequality committed in life. You will find there are people who are poor and there are others who are rich.

Also you will find some people died of simple sickness because they have no access to medication. You see people going for tour around the world, while unable ones are born and would die in native place or their homes of origin without seeing other parts of the world.

The question is, does God really love the lives He gave to all human beings?, does He feel happy when He sees warriors killing innocent children without accountability or with impunity? Does He feel pleased when some people starve to death due to lack of food?

What could be the reason as to why the world is going parallel? Peace faded away and evil has occupied and controlled humanity. In some places, civilians are enjoying life and dancing with fans, while others are running out of their own homeland because of the guns that rain bullets on them.

Confusion keeps stirring from one generation to another. That is why we cannot find out the reality because humans have become addicted to lies and misinterpretation of information that always cause destruction.

The only place to find out the truth and encouragement is the church. But some church leaders are being criticized and described as fault prophets or pseudo servants. They are believed to pray for the believers, but under a condition of offering something to receive blessings. So, if churches are like that, where would the poor  people go?

People who are educated are becoming non-believers, for they studied till they adapted ignorance with a concept of knowing more and more. They then believe that God is not existing and to make it worse, they are discouraging others not to follow the right path.

The Holy Bible says you have to personally and spiritually believe in God. It does not mean you should worship idles such as; trees and aquatic creatures and others. The logical is educative.

You need to believe in what created that thing you honour or worship. It is common that some people love animals like monkeys because they believe a monkey is clever. Another example is a cow that gives milk, meat and income when it is sold, it generates revenues.

That tells you to believe in the Creator. If you fail to understand how the world or the universe came into existence, you would end up confused without getting satisfying motives. It is like you fail to understand yourself or your own life.

If you look at the airplanes and high buildings, you would get surprised. Someone who was not there might think it was God who made them and carefully placed them on Earth. In this way, we can now justify that God is still in the process of creation through human beings. This is a simple logic for educated people.

Don’t destroy what God has made. Don’t misunderstand His work. He knows why He allows good and evil to exist on Earth amongst His children. The glory belongs to Him. And anything that wants to confuse the little creatures will be seen and crashed by God. “Good will always triumph over evil.”

Believe that your life belongs to Him. You are not the maker of yourself. When you make a mistake to any fellow human being, apologise in order to reconcile with the person whom you have wronged. That way you will always live in peace and felicity in any community.

Live the life that God wants you to live. If you enjoy it the way you want, don’t regret when it diminishes. Give the Almighty His chance to hold your hands and lift you to the edge of success that you pray for. Let Him be the King of your soul from your young age until you become old.

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