God is the Light

Without the maker of this universe, there would be no light. The world would be covered with darkness. By the way, we are not referring this light to the electrical or artificial sources of light such as torches, bulbs or other means of light. God Himself is light because He is righteous and always doing things that make life charming. Now the massage that we have heard from his son all humanly servants announcement is that God is light. And there is no darkness in what He does.

If we live in light just as He is in light, then we would have fellowship with Him and with one another.

How powerful is God? He is the beginning and the end of the world.  Without Him, the darkness of sin would destroy the precious creature called human being. God so loves the world that He sent His only beloved son to die on the cross and that whoever believes in Him will never perish but have everlasting life.

Do we all believe in His Divine existence? I know that some of our brothers and sisters still doubting and saying that there is nothing called God. They complain that if God is there, why does He allow evils and all the hardships to exist in the world? They also ask that why is God so far away from His children.

The simple step that would make you reason and know about God is to ask yourself some questions. Who are you personally? What or who is providing you with the air you breathe in? If you could define or describe yourself perfectly, you will understand something powerful naturalizing your life. Some of you believe that they originated from their parents. When asked to explain the derivation of ancestors, they keep narrating from grand people to another. But who created their parents? Some say humans were once monkeys.  Is it not God who created the monkey? If I keep asking these types of questions, you may run mad.

You need to understand your life spiritually. You need to know something that exists inside you. There is spirit and it is functioned by the maker’s power.  They used to say that, what you believe is your God. So does it mean that you could vow and worship tree or a bird as your God?

It is not like the way you think. You are directed to believe in what controls everything. If you love yourself, know who created you. If you worship tree, then believe in the one who made it. If it is the water, what designed it to support lives of animals and plants?

There is a mighty supremacy that regulates all the creatures whether small or big. God is in you and us all. If you are trying to know who is called God, first transform yourself and seek His face.  Come out of fornication, adultery, robbery, murder, theft, alcoholism, tribalism, jealousness because they all the roots of darkness. Stop practicing them and you will receive forgiveness and blessings. Accept the call and come out for salvation. Through the shadow of death, God is standing with you. He is the only person to whom you submit all your mistakes and the rights. The whole world will run away when you are poor, ugly or sick. The people will betray you one day. However there is only one person who loves you because He spent all his power, ideas and resources and created you in His own image.

Don’t you see His grace? He is so faithful that He keeps forgiving you since your childhood up to now. How many sins have you done so far? God doesn’t look at how many sins you have committed against Him but he sees your heart. When you have a little faith, you will be saved. It is your faith that delivers you. Therefore, if you say that there is no God, who would then set you free out of all the temptations of the world? God is the answer for all the questions that you could be asking. Accept your mistakes. Be meek to seek His grace. Do not run way from God your creator when life becomes hard. Strengthen your heart and soul and you will achieve all your goals.

By Duku Seme Manasi

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