God forgive your people

I pray, in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit Amen. Hello be your name, the creator of heaven and Earth, the Divine supernatural being controlling the world, the maker of all living and non-living things, before I even put down the tip of my pen to write, you have already seen what is in my heart.

I am here calling for you dear father. If you were to be met in person, I would make appointment with you.  Dear living father, the life provider of all souls, I am here with hurtful feelings.

I am your dear child and you are my savior and shepherd. We are all your children but on behalf of all South Sudanese, I humbly vow before you to say things that I need a help.  I know that we the people in this world are being disorganized and led to wrong direction by evil spirit. We have rejected righteousness and ran to darkness.

The reason I am writing here is because I know you are the only solution to our problems. You are the answer to many questions.

Look down. Here are your dear people. They are in pain for so long. Day and night men are fighting for unknown interests. Every corner women (widows) are crying and young children are crying with empty stomachs nowhere to go to get better survival. They don’t have food to eat. Famine is killing them just like flies. They are displaced from their own homes and now sleeping in forests and camps in diaspora. The rain steeps them. Hot sun shines on them. Around all corners of South Sudan, the topics are dollar, crisis, conflict, hatred and which are destroying your own children.

Your name is great but it is the only thing that I could call and make it the theme of all days. In very situation, you are the first and the last.

You know why you made all the creations. They pleased you during your six days of mighty exertion. You love human being as the most beautiful creature with strong senses.

You did not divide your mankind but instead they segregated themselves and they chose to live apart from one another.

Lord, you already knew what is going on in the land. Hatred and tribal madness have occupied all souls. People go to roam around and come back home with sad satanic faces.  Evil actions are everywhere now.

Please rescue your people. We came from somewhere to South Sudan but you were the one who accepted and opened the way for us to reach the Promised Land. The way Israelites grieved in Egypt is the same way South Sudanese endured in the hands of Northern Sudanese.

As they spent 40 or more years in the desert, you guided them until they reached the chosen destination. The same thing happened to South Sudanese.

Was separation from the North your will? If no, please do something. And if yes then look upon this land and her people. What entered their hearts was not there in the beginning. The common thing which has divided people is discrimination. Things like reediness, selfishness and laziness have dismantled good being of your children. Life is not fair.

Here are the innocent people shedding bitter tears but no one feel sympathetic. There is no one to set them free from sickness and random death which come at wrong times.

Before, farmers (village dwellers) never minded much about city life because they had been growing cash and food crops for themselves. Pastoralists reared their animals. Young children enrolled to schools. Adults were doing their own works. Compare to nowadays, insecurity started. Civilians are afraid of going to farm because they might be attacked by strangers. Businessmen and women have minimized their trade routes. As there are threads at the boarders, foreign investors are not able to come into the country to make development.

Life in South Sudan is very hard, can we all run away? Where is the future?

Almighty father listen to me. I am talking to you as a child and a messenger doing your will of spreading good news. You know the reason why you created South Sudan and you also have power to make it be in a way that pleases you. It is not your intension to allow suffering but it could be Satan. When we experience suffering, we always say Satan is the maker because you told us so.

Your messengers always tell us that evil comes from evil and that is why we keep blaming Satan. We know that you want us to live happiest and prosperous life but it is not going the way you expected.

Indeed we South Sudanese have sinned too much and offended you. The people have taken you as the enemy but you kindly forgive those who don’t know what they are going. Your servants (preachers) have tried their best to deliver messages of peace and love but no change.

Still, you inspire them with Holy Spirit such that they call upon people to repent and come back to you. Modify the hearts of the leaders. Give them wisdom. Show them the way forward.  Forgive them. Let them reconcile and love themselves. Give them another chance to realize all wrongs they have done and lead them before they lead us.


The writer is a high school student reachable via Email: akol.akol49@gmail.com

By Akol Arop Akol

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