Unlike many diplomats and head of missions in this country, we must say the outgoing Japanese Ambassador Kiya Masahiko has to be credited appreciated with the good work and honest representation of his country to our nation. Appreciation because he has stood to be counted with a number of development activities and outgoing within the society. He can be counted as a true friend of our people. We cannot over praise Masahiko for his record will remain speaking for itself. What we are saying is that foreign diplomats should be counted among us with their contribution to the needy and venerable community. They are sent on foreign mission to cement relationship with the host country and government. Not the other way around. They represent the true image of their government towards the host. Therefore we can count few diplomatic missions which are following their call of duty. We hope the in-coming Japan ambassador to replace Masahiko will follow the latter’s foot-step and keep off indulging in matters that are out of bound for a diplomat. We have heard some even dictating terms the government of a sovereign State like ours. They should be told to draw the line between their representation and that of host government affairs. Respect is a two way traffic and is earned not demanded. Diplomats must be told to respect the host government and collaborate only in matters that are beneficial to the country and the general public. It is therefore encouraging that UN representative David Shearer took time to meet with President Salva Kiir ahead of the coming UN General Assembly in New York. His own words the meeting was successful and hailed. It is with this that Shearer and our country’s representatives must tell the world at large what step the government has taken to bring peace to the people of this country. For the out-going Japanese Ambassador, Masahiko. We can only wish well in your future undertaking to the people of your country and friends you are leaving behind in this country.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


For some time now we had not seen or heard from our common friend. He had conspicuously disappeared from our midst. He somehow appeared yesterday and as usual he did not care to explain. SaPT is always stubborn. But not this far. We also left him to take his good time to tell us what had become of him during his absence. Realizing that we were not bothering him with the expected questions, he took courage and told us that all this time he was attending a major selection programme at AMDISS. The program was for the training of professional journalists and would take more or eight months He wanted to be among the best trained journalist in the country and the more reason(s), he had decided to finalize with the training process before resuming his work.  He had no excuse or regret. This was to be expected of SaPT and knowing him we could not say a word since he brags that the top  notch in the institution where he works are his cousin’s cousin and distant uncles or brothers from another mother. The chain of relationship was long and we had decided not to pursue him on these same lines. One thing was however clear, he wanted to be a good journalist and had accepted that what he had now was not enough for building his career for the future and the development of media industry in the country. He would grab any possible opportunity which comes his way to climb up the ladder of journalism and be able to be proud of being a professional. He wanted to have as many papers as possible to base his future professional conduct and attainment to. This was a golden opportunity that had come to this country and for the first time there was a Training Centre for members of the fourth estate to build up their career apart from the usual universities and institutes of higher learning. How many of us would take this kind of opportunity if it comes our way. Would you be like SaPT to take off without seeking permission as long as the going is well and all you need is to be honest to yourself and do the right thing at the right time. So for SaPT we have are asking the boss to spare him for his absence was a quest for more knowledge to improve his working skill. It should not however be a repeat. We live in a world of the seven wonders, but SaPT is trying to be the eighth one.




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