GO trains women on market advocacy for peace and sexual violence

By Bida Elly David

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan(UNMISS) in collaboration with the city Council yesterday conducted a two-day training for business women for market advocacy for peace and sexual violence under the theme “Building Durable Peace Together”.

The major aim of the training was to make business women understand their role in peace building as well as the use ofthe constitution mechanism to defend their rights, especially on conflict sensitive matterssuch as sexual harassment.

Shelina Doro, a women protection officer for UNMISS pointed out that majority of women under many circumstances have faced sexual harassment during conflict time at different levels, particularly those ones involved in retail businesses in the market.

‘’Women in the South Sudan society these days faced series of sexual harassments of different levels from the hands of some men, especially female business women. It is your turn to be trainers of other women to fight sexual harassment in the community as business women,’’she said.

Furthermore, she pointed out that majority of business women in the market today venture due to weaknesses of their husbands and unsuccessful marriages with the aim of catering for their families.

However, Masmina Dominic, a Civil Affairs officer reiterated that women have got full right to participate equally in conflict resolution and peace building.

‘’I need to assure you business women that you have full mandate to participate in conflict resolution and peace building in the society as stated in the constitution,’’ she said.

She further urgedbusiness women to collaborate amongst themselves through conflict resolutionto promote customer relation with buyers.

However, Emmanuel Chol, the consultant on political affairs lamented that women should also understand their role in constitution making process that would enable them participate fully in elections at the end of the transitional period.

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