Go slow within coronavirus health worker.

By Nema Juma

Members of the coronavirus response team are reported to have taken a back seat and staged a go-slow leaving some victims of the vuirus unattended to.

They were said to have been demanding among others, accommodation, safety and protective and preventive materials for their work.

However, by the time of going to press/ some media outlets reported that the team had resumed their work after talks with the relevant authorities.

 Speaking to Juba Monitor on condition of  anonymity, a member of the team said they had laid down their working tools in the protest of poor working condition.

He said that they had not been paid their salaries and allowances for all that time they had been working.

“Some of the members have not been working, for the last two days because they have not been paid their salaries and even the allowances. Remember these people also have families. At this time of pandemic  how can they help their family without being paid, “the source said

In the past workers in the public service have been complaining over the payment and increment on their salaries but nothing has been done.


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