Glooms of citizens at bus parks

The human agony at many bus parks has prompted me to have a say on conduct of the drivers of Bongo and other public buses. I don’t understand why the concerned authorities are not sympathizing with the civil population exposed to different sorts of grieves in regards to public transport.

The mounting transport crisis in the city characterized by daily roars, wrestling and stampedes at bus parks as one struggle to get a seat; is most likely to cause a hardship in the due course which should have been addressed by the authorities concerned without further ado.

It has been a dreadful and lagging issue which has handcuffed the public in the city but authorities concerned pay deaf ears forgetting the fact that their intimates also board these same buses in the park.

The citizens are in dire need of public transport, Juba city council should act before any citizen fall a victim of the situation. All the parks in Juba have become wrestling fields in a sense that people have lost decency and integrity owing to lack of intervention from the authorities concerned to regulate these parks.

Drivers are left to choose which route fetch them enough money per trip leaving the other routes without taxis thus wrestling inevitable. At Custom Park, drivers avoid Juba town route via Malakia and opt for Juba town route via airport leaving Custom-Juba via Malakia by Noah which is cheating the passengers in terms of pay.

Noah drivers both legally licensed and not, have taken the advantage of the situation by charging the passengers highly. They charge the same money whether you board at the park or along the road. The public has suffered in the hands of Noah drivers but does JCC care?

The likes of Jebel Market, Check Point and Newsite are avoided just because the money charged per trip is less compared to Konyokonyo, the busiest market, and Gurei. Two horrible incidents happened at Juba Town Park in the past two weeks and these should act as a wakeup call for JCC to take appropriate measures to stamp out the issue.

Back in May, it was a hot afternoon in Juba Town Park when passengers of different age and gender were stranded. One of the bongo buses was driving on a high speed towards the passengers and nearly knocked a school girl, fortunately by the grace of God, she made it through, no matter how terrified she became after managing to secure a seat.

Many nasty things happened but one could swallow and just say “Junub Karabu.”  What should I count and leave? The following day, the same driver repeated the same thing but the latter was the horror of horrors. When I asked him why he was driving without ethics, I was terribly counter answered.

He asked me, what do you want me to do, can’t you see how they are running towards the bus? I said sorry sir, but don’t forget that among these passengers are your intimates. Be cautious on how you drive for your own good, not to land in a jail. I am being honest to you because there are lions waiting to swallow whoever commits a crime.

He came back to his sense later but like a dog accustomed to feeding on bones, he relapsed to his reckless driving style. To bring to light the dark side, most taxis and some buses are posing health hazards and infections among passengers. They operate for many months without being washed. Some are not worth operating because they are extremely dirty and worn-out.

Nonetheless, their seats are torn and sharp metals left exposed and prick passengers which may possibly cause infections. This is another issue that needs to be addressed by the authorities concerned to arrest the possibility of cross infection among passengers.

In every park, there are police, national security and military intelligent personnel but they don’t exercise their duties effectively, and instead they turn deaf ears and blind eyes to the malpractices.

I wonder if they are in league with the drivers or not. JCC need to trace out the cause and pursue it to the last beat to make sure it is brought to rest once and for all without any possible future relapse. The nation has many lives which should not be lost just like that. Our people are worth being taken care of.

By Mangar Mayor Gai

The author is reachable via: blockfive47@gmail.com

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