Global Peace Builders Program kicks off in Japan

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon, Tokyo, Japan

The five-week long primary course work for Global Peace Builders across the world has yesterday kicked off at the Japanese capital Tokyo.

The course dubbed “Global Peace Builders Program” has brought together over 25 International Program Associates (IPAs) to share experience on peace building and development agendas to promote peace.

Speaking during the commencement ceremony at the United Nations University in Tokyo on Wednesday, Fumio Yamazaki, Director at International Peace and Security Cooperation Division, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) said it was necessary to develop the expertise and skills of the practitioners in order to cushion permanent peace.

“Knowledge and proficiencies are great towards building stability across the world. So, engaging in peace building programs like this should be number one agenda for stability,” he said.

Yamazaki encouraged the Program Associates to work together towards promoting peace and stability for those who had ever witnessed disasters in the past.

“Imparted skills that you the Program Associates will take back to your home countries are keys to bring about peace and security. This is an entry point to the UN system of peace and stability,” he stated.  

Prof. Dr. Hideaki Shinoda, Director at Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center (HPC) revealed that the program was designed to develop skills of practitioners in the field of peace-building.

He said it was high time that nations were brought on board to discuss peace-related agendas in search for durable peace.

“We are much delighted of this number of Program Associates. We believe that you are not just trainees but complete human resources of the World,” he said.

Dr. Shinoda figured out that Hiroshima Peace Builders Center (HPC) was working hard to build human resources in order to fit in multinational environments. 

He revealed that HPC has been implementing Global Peace Builders program for more than 12 years since it started in 2007.

According to the Director, they will continue to boost capacities of the world peace activists to elevate global standard towards peace-building. 

“This is a very important course which has unique approaches compared to other training courses. It is intended to provide unique opportunities to enhance careers and great opportunities to broaden thoughts and thinking,” Dr. Shinoda explained.

He advised the scholars to learn from the program and use it to boost peaceful coexistence at their reach later on.  

“It is designed for Human resource development. We really want to promote human resource development for the whole world. So I hope this opportunity will be your asset in life. Let’s gain knowledge and skills as well as sharing experience,” the Director said.

Dr. Shinoda revealed that the Program’s past Associates were making great change and improvements in the organizations, adding “We would like to emphasize the element of networking and team professional competencies within our Program Associates.”

Global Peace Builders Program is being organized by Hiroshima Peace Builders Center (HPC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and United Nations Volunteers Programmme (UNVP).

Global Peace Builders Program is meant to build competencies and strengthen expertise on how to approach peace building in the developing countries.

The course work is based on participatory problem-solving learning and is designed to facilitate interactions between peace specialists and scholars for a five-week period.

Participants will learn to apply the acquired knowledge to practice and strive to develop practical skills in the field of peace building and development.

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