Global Peace Builders Program concluded in Japan

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon                                     

The Global Peace Builders Program for human resource development intended for young professionals drawn from different parts of the World has finally ended last week in Japan after five weeks of schedule.

The primary course that commenced in January was meant to build professional competencies and expertise for young practitioners in the fields to support peace building in the conflict affected areas.

Over 20 Program Associates both International and Japanese participated in the program, including five African young professionals during the course.

The course discussed questions of professionalism and philosophical approaches to peace building in more concrete manner for the world to achieve peace, stability and security.

During the course of the programme, participants toured most of the historical sites of Japan, including Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park of 1945 Atomic Bomb victims.

Speaking during the closing session last week in Japan, Prof. Dr. Hideaki Shinoda, Director at Hiroshima Peace-builders Center (HPC) said he was excited that the course met its planned intention to capacitate the young professionals as it was organized.

“On the first day in Tokyo, I explained three basic ideas of organizing this course, knowledge and skills part, experience and most importantly network,” he recalled.

“So we tried to give you knowledge and skill aspects as much as possible within one month and half so that you enrich the context of the course as much as possible,” Dr. Shinoda added.

He said he was much convinced that the Program Associates would serve as peace ambassadors at their reach given their level of participation during the program.

“Spending that amount of time was so precious; I really thank you very much for your participation and I really like to congratulate you (Program Associates) upon completion of this long process of the primary course,” Dr. Shinoda narrated.

He encouraged the participants to deliver quality work at the various fields in order to help support peace.

“We also tried to give you precious experiences like sharing coordination meetings, role of managers so that you can recall the days in Hiroshima preciously and express these experiences in professional manner at some points, hope you do that,” he said.

Dr. Shinoda advised the practitioners to go to their various fields knowing that they were assets of their work.

“Taking this opportunity and further moment, I really feel that the number one asset we have offered for this course is you. You are the number one asset of your precious friends and your work. If you understand this policy of HPC then we are so glad and then we can conclude this primary course today,” he said.

Juvenal Monubo, Democratic Republic of Congo, National MP who was part of the program told Juba Monitor in Japan on Thursday that the program was terrific and helpful for the young professionals.

He explained that his attained experiences, especially after visiting key historical sites including Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park will help him to support durable peace at his reach as an added advantage by the program.

“Peace Memorial site was a key learning point to combat all cases of hostilities and conflict ongoing in the less developed countries. It would sound so disappointing if the civil population lives across the globe continue to deteriorate even when we had experience of the past wars with the neighboring colleagues,” he said.

“So I will do my own part to make sure that I engage the people in Africa and more importantly the people of DRC to work for global agenda which is peace, security and stability,” he added.

The Global Peace Builders Program was organized by Hiroshima Peace-builders Center (HPC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) and United Nations Volunteers Programmme (UNVP).

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