GLARING-About 8,000 Covid-19 cases

By James Atem Kuir

Covid-19 cases have risen to 7,926after 155 new cases were registered and the death tollstands at least 93 over the last 48 hours, health officials at Public Health Laboratory revealed yesterday

Nine people were under severe circumstances with at least two of the patients suffering critical conditionsin the Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) at the Dr. John Garang Infectious Center at according to a report.

During the weekly Covid-19 briefingat the public health emergency operation center, the Covid-19 Incident Manager, Dr. Richard Lako said the government would soon announce penalties against members of public and institutions ignoring the Covid-19 preventive measures.

Dr. Lako who is also the chairman of the national taskforce Covid-19 audit committee said the government will issuewithin 72 hours, a public order that will shut down, impose fine or imprisoninstitutions and individuals who violatedthe preventive measures.

“We proposed measures yesterday (Saturday). We went further and tried to create public order that will be issued probably in the next 72 hours.That public order will define areas that may amount to fine or imprisonment or both,” he stressed.

He further threatened that private institutions will be closed down definitely if they do not comply with measures for the second time after being issued with a first warning.

“But we have already said it for a private facility, there is a possibility of you being closed down for a certain period of time and if you continue again you will be closed forever,” he said.

“There may be possibility of you being taken to court because Covid-19 is a disease and if you are exposing people to risk intentionally, you will be held responsible,” he further said.

The country is under a partial lockdown which expires early next month butthe period of the lockdown has seen more cases recorded daily.


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