Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Deng Deng Hoc, the Minister of General Education is very right to inform the public that education was more important in shaping the destiny of a country than vesting interests in other quarters. Talking to the media on whether the pending formation of the unity government would interfere with the examination slotted for December, he told them that formation or not education cannot wait. True his words are encouragement to students who are set to sit for the examination. I have been one of those who believe that the youth must get proper education to be future responsible citizens. Nothing should stand in between them with the future of this country. Like Deng and others of similar mind-set education should not fall victim of any circumstance. The youth have suffered a lot with mothers during the crisis. Time is now for them to settle and have peace of mind to do what they have lacked for so long. They must take their time to study and be successful. They should start to understand their future role and must be prepared to be role model to others. With peace being restored the youth should not look for other opportunities outside but should remain here and grow up knowing that this is their country and they have responsibilities for it. The notion of wanting to study outside the country should be reduced because learning institutions in the country with well back up and trained teachers should be a priority. It can be done if the will and the wishes are put to reality. Nothing is impossible with peaceful coexistence amongst all communities. The returnees who are settling in different parts of the country should be given a chance to settle and have their young one brought up in a more peaceful environment. Minister Deng holding this docket can make it work by collaborating with like minds and partners in the education sector. As he rightly put, there are donors who are ready and willing to help the country improve the sector, let this be real. That half a million more pupils will be joining the learning institutions by next year is an indication that there was thirst to education and more schools should be prepared for them. It is great that the government was aware of the need for education in the country. It cannot be over emphasized but the truth is that as the peace restoration takes roots and the new government of national unity comes into being, there must be step to prepare for the future with concreted and firm foundation that is to be bestowed in the youth. There cannot be two ways out of this except to live up to reality and do what must be done which is to give the youth a breathing space to learn and be responsible citizens. This is the only cure that can save the future and bring people as a one nation.

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