Give your problems to God

By Ngor Khot Garang

Sometimes back and it is absolutely not long ago, I shared a seat in a taxi with a middle-aged man whose story touched my heart. This man despite what he was battling with inside had a spirit that I had come to admire from the time he took seat next to me. He had this cheery face and his teeth were always outside but my instinct told me that this man must not be comfortable inside. He was faking everything.  Something must be gnawing him inside and it must be something that we all face in real life but he was trying in his might to conceal it and this was virtually revealed by a phone call that changed his face to sadness.

He seemed to have grown weaker the moment he received the phone call and I was completely aware that something must have gone amiss. The conversation lasted about few seconds and his hands were already on his head. His eyes were now misty. Something was now wrong and I was completely disturbed by his experience.  When I looked at him closely, his eyes were swollen with tears and I was greatly moved. Such a good-looking man, what on earth had brought him to tears, what did they just told him? Somebody so dear must have lost his or her life. I wondered.

I didn’t mind to ask him what was troubling him but tried to inquire if everything was alright and this is what he told me and it even made me battle with tears.

“My son though I don’t know you enough, I will never hide it from you, I just got a phone call from my family in refugee camp that my child is critically sick and for all these days I have been battling with the fact that my cattle are no more after the devastation brought about by the devastating flood in Jonglei state. Everything is just not right and I don’t think if my life will ever be the same again but the only thing that gives me hope is that God is walking in the shadows and he will never forget me when he is paying back those that he has robbed”.

“When God is paying back those that he has robbed”. What does this mean? I could not understand but why is he saying this? Maybe he was lost in his own thought but somehow I had come to understand that he was right. God will surely pay us one day no matter what we do or where we come from. But what I will come in loggerhead with is this saying that God robs people. This can never be true and it will never be forever and ever. God never robs but he takes what was not meant for us and gives us what was truly designed for us, but at some points, we takes it as if God was robbing us but it is not. God knows what is best for us and despite what happens or what we have been through or what we are currently passing through, he will always remain the same and will never do things against us.  

When I heard this man’s message, something in me was awakened. It was deep from his soul and more on that was hope that he still believes in but not quite sure if it would truly come or not.  

To be honest with myself, this was a very powerful message and I was left speechless. I could not even say anything. Imagine this is the man who has lost all his cattle and goats in the wake of flood that has ripped apart Jonglei State and on top of that, his kid is sick in Uganda and despite him having no job, the child’s sickness could even get worse if he fails to send money. But where will he get money? Who in this country will help him out when so many people are dealing with their own problems? I guess if he were somebody with a weak human spirit, people would have sympathized with him if he had cried in the bus to let the people know what he was going through but right there in the bus, he was sitting as if all was okay with him but surely, he was crying inside. What wrong has he committed to atone for this suffering and lost but he could not come to the fact that this was really happening in his own life.

He might have been a devoted Christian but that did not make any sense and the reason I still admire him is that he has not given up. He had refused to be weighed down by the problems of this world because he was so sure that someone like him was facing similar or even worse problem than him. That is the same way we are as human beings. Some are weak while others are strong.

We have many people outside there who are like this man. Many of us are going through some tough times and we sometimes wonder what is it that we have done to deserve all these kind of challenges but we could not find the best answers. Every new day comes with its own challenge and life knocks us down daily.

Perhaps, there are young people who are not sure where they would get their school fees. There is a single mother who does not know where their next meal would come from with her children and many people who might have tried one thing or the other and it didn’t work out. These problems when they are too heavy that we can’t manage to move along, there is need to let God share in the burden because he really sees and he will not just watch you weighed down by problems. He will intervene in your struggle and lift your hands up. It doesn’t matter how long it would take or how long you have been struggling, the fact still remain that God will get involved in your personal pain one day and he will fix your problems.

You may be in struggle alone. You may feel forgotten by the people you love and that you might have tried almost everything and nothing work out but above all. You have God and he will never fail you. In whatever kind of thing you do, just know that he is with you and when all fails, you don’t have to feel like he has abandoned you because he is teaching you how to be strong and how you should stand in the midst of difficulties.

Give him all your burdens because in this world, nobody else will do that except him. You may have all your friends or relatives, but sometimes they may not be what you had expected them to be. This is to say that, human beings changes but God will never and he will always be there when you need him.  I know sometimes when the luggage you are carrying is heavy and the journey is long, you feel like throwing it off and you give up just right there but that is not the best way to do thing if really we want to get to the destination.

The best thing we can do is to let God share half of what you are shouldering and get me right, I am not trying to say that God will come right from heaven and intervene immediately. It is not like that, the only way you can allow God to lift the weight off your neck is by pushing harder when you are almost giving up. When you fall down, you rest for a while and call God to give you more strength to sail along but when you say God why are you doing this to me; do you think God will attend to you? I don’t think so because God is not a magician. He only helps those who are also willing to help themselves. In whatever you do, remember that God will do the best when you are trying your best too. And this is how those who beat the odds achieved greatness and became who they are today. You can as well join them and become the person you have always wanted to be only by doing the right thing at the right time.  May God bless you.           

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