Give sports spaces as Minister said

Having been said that sports can promote peace or make it possible for people to come together, South Sudanese who have gone through division and depression should consider sports activities to bring them together for reconciliation and unification to recover and build the country. When playing, players are spectators who don’t have ethnic segregation. They embrace one another and make use of their talents for unity.

The world is going towards a money-making time where people will be developing and earning a living from multi-talents. This is to say that there are three things everyone must-have in this century. They include education, technology, and talents. So, sports fall under the category of talent.

If teenagers have passions in playing and aspirations to become athletes, basketball or football players, they need to be supported with more skills and resources to achieve their dreams.

Empowering the young ones involves discovering, utilizing, and commercializing their abilities in order to earn a living. Instead of being dependent on parents and relatives or the government to provide them with employment, feeding, and accommodation, they would be able to sell their talents and get what they need.

In order to give sports a priority, the government has to make sure there is a land reserved for sports-activities but there is an issue affecting this sector.

Settling and building structures on the spaces meant for sports is alarming. Some people are illegally occupying these places. Most of them now are turned into businesses such as tea, juice or dumping of rubbish.

As South Sudan is growing, sports are part of development that empowers young people by bringing them together and integrating them into a modern society.

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