Cover Story


By Akol Arop Akol (Guest)

The first step to having a reasonable and sustainable peace in South Sudan starts with reconciliation. After signing peace papers, guns would be put down or collected from the hands of civilians, militias, and any other unorganized groups to allow healing and reconciliation to take place. Reconciliation is the best thing for South Sudanese and it is also a call by the President in most speeches. Reconciliation is all about healing wounds and bridging relationships between people after a wrong thing or harm has been done. It is a process of forgetting the past and accepting forgiveness for people not to finger point at one another.

South Sudanese have wronged themselves in so many ways. They abused, fought, and killed themselves during the conflicts for reasons they didn’t even understand but were influenced to fight.

As we know war has destroyed lives, it is our role to come together and apologize to one another. We need to apologize for dividing ourselves along ethnic lines. It is us to say sorry for what we have negatively said against our brothers and sisters. All that has happened in the past cannot be brought back for corrections, the lives that have gone cannot be brought to existence, hearts were broken and we remained daily traumatized. It is for such reasons that we need to forgive and reconcile to love together as united people.

The reconciliation has to be between civilians, parties, communities or any groups of people. By reconciling, we shall be able to peacefully resettle in our indigenous land instead of being refugees. It will also allow the families to reunite, and parents will also come back together with their children and live in harmony again.

Together through reconciliation, we will work as one to tackle the issues of poverty by going back to cultivate as the rain season is approaching. Civilians and leaders will also be able to cooperate to address the economy among other chaos.

This is a national call for every South Sudanese, time for war is coming to an end. Put down guns, stop raiding cattle, revenge attacks, violence against women, and fight hate speeches which are the causes of public confusion and tension. Everyone has to play his/her duty of a good citizen which could be through songs, Arts, preaching words of God, community awareness and mobilization as well as freedom and equality of all South Sudanese to have their voices heard, given rights and get equal opportunities without any segregation based on gender, dialect or ethnicity.

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