Whatever direction or dimension one would wish to take, peace must prevail first in society. This is why efforts being orchestrated by the government under the leadership of President Kiir must be appreciated and welcomed by all political divides in the country. Leadership should not only be pegged on sitting on the top and all renegades and warlords should understand that the immediate need of the common man is to have peace which would enable them to go about their chores without hindrances or disturbances. The country is bigger than one individual and this is why steps taken by the government to reach out for peace with the Kitgwang faction and the effective resumption of peace talks in Rome should be supported by all peace-loving citizens irrespective of their political affiliations or belief. Peace is the best 2022 gift that those longing for power can give to the common-man considering that elections could be held next year where this commodity called peace would play a vital role in the future of the country. For these reasons and others all efforts mooted and initiated by the government toward these directions should be the yardstick to make the country move forward. These concerted moves should translate only to one thing which has eluded and which has been in the political play in society for a long time. Peace is imminent and very necessary for socio-economic growth which remains the firm foundation of this nation for the current and the future generation. It is therefore important that any differences that may intend to derail the government efforts towards finding lasting peace should not be encouraged or entertained since at the end of the day those seeking power to rule will only rule people and the country if and when peace is at play not otherwise.

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