Give God’s word a chance

By Agar Mayor Gai

Someone may not be taken wrong if he happens to conclude that the reason behind the failure of this nation is probably due to the people’s ignorance and lack of concern for God’s words. From the Holy Scripture, we understand the nature of our creator as that of being fair, just and always happy to see His sons and daughters prospering and hitting the major areas of life successfully in a fair and just manner. Our creator loves justice, peace and prosperity for all that He has created.

In His view, we do not have classes; we do not have the blinds or lames but instead we are all the same and for that case we ought to keep up to this important view by our creator. It is not good that, now in this country, we have the rich and the disadvantaged; we have the strong and the weak. This is shouldn’t be how our nature defines us.

But though, these current differences are as a result of having forgotten the nature and good deeds of the master and creator. Our world of yesterday and today has developed a habit of breaching God’s constitution. Now, it should not be our will and belief to fall in the shoes of yesterday. Let tomorrow be the day when we will have realized the repercussions of our individual or generational deeds. The creator is not fed up of our sinful actions but instead He is always there waiting for our change of heart.

He is every time watching and expecting that we repent and ask for an eternal life. This life is what He believes if we do not acquire later, we will have been agents of evil and sinful deeds in this world and particularly this nation of South Sudan.

However, to get a grip of this life, we need to give God’s words a chance of impacting our lives. There can never be any positive change if we continue undermining and moreover, sometimes misinterpreting the words of God. And it is not a new hearing in this nation. We question the existence and truthfulness of the word and if referred to the scripture, we again misuse and misunderstand the scripture.

Let us all try and make sure that our ways be like that of our creator. In doing so, the Bible or the scripture will have our question and belief of being just, fair and a tool for unity answered. It should therefore be the right time now to forgive one another and start serving the local people justly and fairly. There is not a single positive reward for those who take what belongs to the nation; those who kill their own brothers or sisters and those who commit any other immoralities in God’s Kingdom.

All that they are rewarded of is shame, humiliation and valuelessness.  It is until these people repent that they are forgiven and made part of the just and fair society of God. We are these people and there is surely a need for us to repent and give God’s word a chance to have a place in our hearts such that whenever we decide something, our God will always make us know the positivity and negativity of that decision.


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